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Welcome to the new informative blog page for Recovery Advocates Treatment Center of Southern California.  The purpose of this page and its many future articles is to shed a world of insight into the often dark & scary world of drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency and so on.  Many of the postings you will read on this page will be actual original contributions directly from our staff of treatment professionals…

Recovery Advocates of Thousand Oaks, CA is proud to share our many years of clinical recovery expertise and we always welcome your comments and/or feedback.  As always, we are available to answer any and all questions 24/7 at (877) 762-3707.

The Importance of Willingness in Recovery – by Annie

Annie, an employee at The Lake House Sober Living, Recovery Advocate’s Aftercare and Luxury Sober Living Home in Thousand Oaks, California writes the following entry:

After working in recovery for many years, and working my own program of recovery, I have found one thing that… READ MORE

Hope and recovery – by Annie

Life can appear impossible to live successfully when battling or struggling with an addiction.  Recovery seems like an impossibility and one has little hope for the future.  But there is hope… READ MORE

Fitness in Sobriety – by Eric

I have learned a lot and experienced many things in my lifetime. I had a really bad drug problem at a young age and lost almost everything I owned. I was even living in my car for a couple of months and… READ MORE

 Friendships in Sobriety – by Katrina

Before I got sober, the people closest to me were the people who partied like I did. I’ve heard them referred to as “lower companions.” I sought people who did what I did; and in turn ended up hanging around with some… READ MORE

Struggling in Sobriety – Anonymous

In my experience sobriety has been a great blessing. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol for 7 years of my life and didn’t know anything else. Due to my addiction I lost almost everything I owned because… READ MORE

Staying Sober No Matter What – From An Ex-Client

I used to be the type of alcoholic and addict that could not stop. Once I started there was no off switch. There is a saying in sobriety called 1 drink is too many and 1000 drinks is never enough. This I can absolutely… READ MORE

Attending Drug Rehab in Ventura County, CA

When trying to decide on where to attend a residential drug rehab center there are obviously many things to take into account.  Among those things are; cost, health insurance options, location, amenities, nearby services, therapy services… READ MORE

 A Change in Perspective from Addictive Thoughts

How an ex-client emerges from residential treatment and recognizes changes in her patterns of alcoholic thinking and subsequent drug abuse… READ MORE

Using Dreams for Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

How an ex-client of Recovery Advocates describes their experience with drug using dreams… READ MORE

The Importance of Having Fun In Sobriety

How an ex-client of Recovery Advocates describes their experience the importance of having fun while in sobriety… READ MORE

Cocaine and Alcohol Drove Me Into Residential Treatment

An LHRC employee describes how cocaine and alcohol abuse drove him into rehab and how his new found life in sobriety-recovery is going todayREAD MORE

Going from Active Drug Addiction Into a Life of Fun Recovery

A year ago if you had told me that I would not only be sober but be working in recovery I would have burst out laughing. I was drinking a fifth of whiskey a day and basically dying, I thought that drinkingREAD MORE

Substance Abuse Treatment in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

Over the past 5 to 10 years there has been quite a growth spurt of addiction and alcoholism recovery services cropping throughout many Southern California regions as a whole.  Two of the most prominent areas within this scope include the Counties of Los Angeles and VenturaREAD MORE

Recovering God’s Way in Sobriety

Patrick’s treatment at The Lake House Recovery Center helped him see that he didn’t have to abandon his atheist past in order to seek God’s help in getting soberREAD MORE

Change is a Process

Growing up in southern California I’ve seen a lot of changes take place over the years. I remember when they tore down the Brown Derby so that a lovelyREAD MORE

Heroin is Taking the Streets of Simi Valley, CA

What will it take to get the younger generation to notice heroin kills? Our friends, kids, and neighbors are dying right in front of our eyes. Hundreds of parents andREAD MORE