Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment Resources in Southern California and Ventura County, CABelow is a continually growing list of addiction & alcoholism recovery resources that Recovery Advocates is proud to affiliate with and/or display on our website as a bona fide resource for our viewers.  The links shown below entail a variety of resources including, licensed treatment services, outpatient IOP treatment centers, independent addiction-alcoholism recovery professionals such as therapists & sober coaches, 12-Step and non 12-step recovery groups and more.

Recovery Advocates of Southern California provides this list of resources as a community service and does NOT do so under the pretenses of officially or unofficially endorsing any or all of the below mentioned resources.  We do, however, only include recovery resources on this page that we feel serve the best interests of their clients.

The Lake House Sober Living Residence

Sachs Marketing Group

A.T.R.I. – Addiction Treatment Reviews & Information

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center in Orange County, CA

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

Vantage Point Outpatient treatment Center




Partnership for a Drug Free America

Drug Rehab Connections

Addiction Center

Drug Rehab