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A True Story About How Our Family Overcame Addiction

Husband Finds Hope for His Addicted Wife

Ladawn’s family has been fully reassembled and is now on a constructive trajectory filled with peace and purpose. Alcohol is no longer an issue. The days are filled with joy, relief, and a deepening sense of gratitude for all of it. The road to this day has been far from easy.

In 2016, Ladawn entered The Lakehouse Recovery Center with a plan that is all to common, but is one that never ends well: she would stay a few days, just to detox, and then she would be on her merry way. Would she drink again? That was the plan, she says. Many people seek drug and alcohol treatment simply because they are being forced to do so by loved ones who are angry, hurt, and frightened. Ladawn’s story is no different.

She had a husband who had lost all hope and was now shifting his focus to the protection of their infant son. About a week into her stay, however, something happened that she still cannot fully explain. She became willing. She was suddenly open-minded to the recovery process. She asked the treatment team what they themselves had done, and she vigorously began to do the same. She stopped arguing with people who were trying to save her life. As crazy as it may sound, this is somewhat uncommon in the treatment field.

To overcome addiction, radical personal changes must take place and actually take hold. It is not work that can ever be completed. Yet it is work that can be commenced thoroughly and honestly enough to achieve a depth and weight to the process sufficient enough to support permanent change, should the work be continued on a daily basis. Happily, Ladawn and her family are enjoying the fruits of such works, and her husband’s continued involvement in the treatment process has only made things better all around. Watching the family interact today, one might be surprised to learn that alcoholism had at one point nearly destroyed them. One now senses calm, hope, and happy harmony, even as the family navigates the ups and downs of everyday living common to all people.

Recovering from drug addiction requires work that only the suffering individual can do. However, an authentically loving and supportive environment can do wonders. There is great power in being surrounded by people who are not telling a person what to do. But showing you.

My wife got her help and support at the Lakehouse Recovery Center. Click here now to give them a call at [phone]. It’s free to talk to them. If we can do it, so can you. We are all in this together…

– The LaDawn Family and the Lakehouse Team