• Stuart Birnbaum
    Stuart Birnbaum
    Founder and CEO
  • Dr. Gayle Randall, MD
    Dr. Gayle Randall, MD
    Medical Director
  • Dr. Ashley Benjamin, MD
    Dr. Ashley Benjamin, MD
  • Dr. Nancy Bailey, PhD, LAADC, CCDP, CET11
    Dr. Nancy Bailey, PhD, LAADC, CCDP, CET11
    Clinical Consultant
  • Anne Johnson, MS, LMFT
    Anne Johnson, MS, LMFT
    Clinical Director
  • Brian Wurschum, CATC
    Brian Wurschum, CATC
    Program Director
  • Amy Dalgleish, Certified Life Coach
    Amy Dalgleish, Certified Life Coach
    Outreach and Marketing Director
  • Troy Rippee
    Troy Rippee
    Admissions Director
  • Curtis Cripe, PhD
    Curtis Cripe, PhD
    Neuroscience Engineer
  • Kelli Lundin, MA, LMFT
    Kelli Lundin, MA, LMFT
    Individual and Family Therapist
  • Kyle Johnson, CATC-R
    Kyle Johnson, CATC-R
    Counselor, Assistant Program Director
  • Katie Christensen, CATC
    Katie Christensen, CATC
    Art Workshop Director, Individual and Group Counselor
  • Jude Kastle, CATC1
    Jude Kastle, CATC1
    Clinical Intern, Reiki Master
  • Ashli Wells, Equestrian
    Ashli Wells, Equestrian
    Equine Assisted Coach, Residential Technician
  • Scott Mazzarano, MS, CATC-i
    Scott Mazzarano, MS, CATC-i
  • Jaime
    Assistant House Manager, Assistant Admissions
  • Weston
    Overnight Technician
  • Allegra
    Residential Technician

A Message from our Executive Director

Listen to Executive Director, Stuart Birnbaum discuss drug addiction & alcoholism treatment in greater depth in a 2015 interview with journalist Suzanne Marcus-Fletcher by clicking HERE