Recovery Advocates Outpatient Programs are staffed by men and women, ALL of whom are in recovery themselves. We know what kind of courage and strength it takes to reach out for help. Whether you are seeking support for yourself, or someone you love, we know this is a trying time, but you DO NOT have to go through it alone.

We serve anyone who is suffering from alcohol or drug dependency and invite you to come to us for treatment, but at the same time acquire the tools to stay sober after treatment…where it really counts. Our own experience shows that there is no case that is too hopeless or too complicated to achieve a happy, sober, fulfilling life, one that cultivates and nurtures healthy relationships, accountability, and real freedom from the despair of alcohol and drug dependency.

Our Treatment Programs

We believe we have a program that really works, because our staff members are living examples of people living normal and happy lives. We serve by example, participating in the same treatment modalities as our clients. What we offer is an intimate, family like atmosphere where our clients will build empowering, supportive relationships that do not end after you leave our care. Alumni are always welcome back to be helpful, and the office is usually bustling with some former clients from weeks or years past. If you or a loved one thinks that they need help, call and talk to us. We want to help in any way we can and remember that change is a phone call away and with OUTPATIENT CARE – You don’t have to stop your life in order to save it!