Hope and Recovery

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Annie, an employee at The Lake House Sober Living, write about hope and the possibilities afforded us while in the process of recovery from addiction & alcoholism:

Life can appear impossible to live successfully when battling or struggling with an addiction.  Recovery seems like an impossibility and one has little hope for the future.  But there is hope.  Recovery is possible and attainable. 

The first step is admitting that you have a problem.  Asking for help can seem like an overwhelming and ego crushing act, but it is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.  Once you ask for help, the healing can begin.  There are support groups, 12 step meetings, therapeutic assistance, etc.. that can all be called upon for help in getting started.  Recovery is about healing from the reasons why we became addicted in the first place.  In most cases, there are usually wounds in our past that have caused us to use a substance destructively.  Shame, regret, and remorse usually accompany a life of active addiction.  We need to heal from these unhealthy mindsets as well.  It takes time.  It’s not an overnight  matter.  Recovery is a process, but once started, the positive effects are usually felt pretty early on in the journey.  Living a recovery oriented way of life brings many great benefits. 

Peace of mind, a purpose for living, and healthy relationships, are just a few of the many benefits of living a life of recovery.

Annie 🙂      

"After thirty-six years in recovery and twenty years in addiction treatment, I am now solely focused on providing personal, 1-on-1 recovery management services to those in need. When I most needed it someone reached out and took my hand and help save my life. Ever since I have dedicated myself to returning that kindness. When I was in dire straits many years ago with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, all I wanted to do was STOP! With the support of skilled clinicians and generous men and women in the recovery community I was not only able to stop, but discovered that I was becoming a better man, a better husband, better father, better colleague, better neighbor, and a better human being. I also found that the key to my happiness is found in service to others. I have dedicated my life to this task and have been gifted with the opportunity to direct others to the discovery of that better life."

- Stuart Birnbaum, Founder

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