Fitness in Sobriety

Eric, an employee at Recovery Advocates Treatment Centers of Thousand Oaks, CA and an avid physical fitness buff writes:

I have learned a lot and experienced many things in my lifetime. I had a really bad drug problem at a young age and lost almost everything I owned. I was even living in my car for a couple of months and then slowly got back on my feet. The only way I was able to pull this off was because I was able to get sober.

Before I got sober I did not exercise nor did I care about how I looked. Once I got sober I learned to take care of myself financially and physically. Both of these things took a while for me to really understand. They are also slow processes. From the time I got sober to the present I have been fortunate enough to learn how to body build. I gained about 40 lbs of lean muscle mass and dropped 13% body fat over the past 4 years. When I got sober I became dedicated to working out and physical fitness. This became my new vice and a healthy one at that. I have learned so many things about the human body and have pushed myself farther than I thought physically possible. As a result I now look amazing and everyone tells me how good I look or ask me questions like “where do you work out?” etc. This was something I literally never thought I would be able to achieve.

I have put so much hard work and dedication into this craft and it is now a huge part of my life. Before the only thing I was dedicated to was getting loaded and being a loser. I strive and making myself better day by day. Bigger, faster, stronger and leaner. Physical fitness is great for people getting sober because it releases endorphins and dopamine. It is a natural high and good for the body. I highly recommend working out to anyone no matter what the case!


"After thirty-six years in recovery and twenty years in addiction treatment, I am now solely focused on providing personal, 1-on-1 recovery management services to those in need. When I most needed it someone reached out and took my hand and help save my life. Ever since I have dedicated myself to returning that kindness. When I was in dire straits many years ago with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, all I wanted to do was STOP! With the support of skilled clinicians and generous men and women in the recovery community I was not only able to stop, but discovered that I was becoming a better man, a better husband, better father, better colleague, better neighbor, and a better human being. I also found that the key to my happiness is found in service to others. I have dedicated my life to this task and have been gifted with the opportunity to direct others to the discovery of that better life."

- Stuart Birnbaum, Founder

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