Yoga for Recovery - Recovery Adovactes“One day at a time” is often a terrifying slogan to a newly sober person. Sitting in your pain and discomfort goes is in direct opposition to the well laid path of “get up and run”.

It is for this precise reason why Yoga for recovery is so beneficial. At its core, Yoga challenges everything addiction and alcoholism creates.

Yoga for Recovery Therapy

In our Outpatient Program there are four points we strive to address through offering yoga:


  • While addiction is often described as a feeling of drowning, yoga is, in its most basic meaning “breath”.
  • While addiction disconnects us from our bodies, minds, and families, yoga is the practice of unity and union.
  • Where addiction causes frantic fluctuations in thought and behavior, yoga is the quiet neutrality of stillness.
  • And lastly, there is a phrase “the body keeps the score” coined by the author “Bessel Van der Kolk in his book of the same name. Dr. Van Der Kolk illustrates so well how the body stores trauma, loss, and pain in its tissue. Yoga integrates breath, movement and stretches to relieve and release energies stuck in the bodies tissues.