It is more common than not, that when someone leaves inpatient treatment, or outpatient services, they will need continued support and community. At Recovery Advocates, we have built a very special alumni aftercare program that allows our former patients to become friends of the facility. We have quarterly alumni picnics, alumni house meetings, and an open invitation to anyone who successfully completed their treatment plan to come back anytime to check in, and potentially offer mentorship to the newer patients. Combined with community resources such as AA, NA, and therapeutic work, our aftercare is unique in spirit.

Our Aftercare Program

When we began our alumni program, we used our own experience in recovery as a spring board for the same family type atmosphere we needed when we were newly sober. Therefore, our house and offices are usually buzzing with visitors who are living examples of recovery working in the outside world. Our aftercare program for addiction and substance abuse helps individuals to remain sober after treatment through support and mentorship.