Our goal is to have this be the last time you spend in treatment for as long as you live. We never want you to comeback to a treatment center for the rest of your life, unless it is to be helpful.

Because we have worked so hard and developing and nurturing a culture of family at The Lakehouse and Recovery Advocates, it is not surprising that many of our local alumni are very involved with the program still. For someone that has successfully completed their treatment plan here with us, there is a lifelong invitation to come back anytime. Many of our alumni come to see if they can help any of our new clients as they adjust to the changes and struggles of early recovery.

Our Alumni Program

The Lakehouse also plans quarterly Alumni Program Picnics locally in Ventura County, where we get together for some food, fun, and celebrating, because recovery should look and feel as incredible as it is…and should be!

We also have a private Facebook page for our alumni, so they can continue to stay in contact and use it as a support system. All interactions via our Alumni Facebook Page are totally private, with anonymity being the main goal.

"After thirty-six years in recovery and twenty years in addiction treatment, I am now solely focused on providing personal, 1-on-1 recovery management services to those in need. When I most needed it someone reached out and took my hand and help save my life. Ever since I have dedicated myself to returning that kindness. When I was in dire straits many years ago with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, all I wanted to do was STOP! With the support of skilled clinicians and generous men and women in the recovery community I was not only able to stop, but discovered that I was becoming a better man, a better husband, better father, better colleague, better neighbor, and a better human being. I also found that the key to my happiness is found in service to others. I have dedicated my life to this task and have been gifted with the opportunity to direct others to the discovery of that better life."

- Stuart Birnbaum, Founder