Alcohol and Drug detox refers to the process in which the toxifying effect of drugs leaves the body. This is an idiosyncratic process that severity and length of time is different for everyone. This will depend upon the type of substance or substances abused, length of time for use, and amount used. We recommend consultation with a medical professional that can safely and accurately recommend what type of detox you need.

There are 2 types of detox for drugs and alcohol in Westlake Village & Thousand Oaks, CA. One is a medically supervised detox, typically done at a medical facility with 24-hour medical supervision with doctors and nurses. The other is a “Social” detox where the person is supervised by clinical professionals without the support of medications, but with peer support and therapeutic resources.

Recovery advocates can help you find the appropriate detox for your specific needs. We work with some of the best medical teams in the Los Angeles and Ventura County area to provide the best, most comfortable, and medically safe way to start your journey into alcohol detox and drug detox in Thousand Oaks & Westlake Village, CA.

If you or a loved one needs assistance with drug detox & alcohol detox services in Westlake Village & Thousand Oaks, please call us 877-762-3707. We are here to help!

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