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The Importance of Having Fun In Sobriety

How an ex-client of Recovery Advocates describes their experience the importance of having fun while in sobriety…

When I first got sober, I didn’t know how to have fun without alcohol. At least, I didn’t think I did; I had no experience with having fun while being sober. Everything in my life revolved around drinking.

To someone like me, the idea of getting sober was at first very scary. What would replace drinking? Was there a sufficient substitute? I had no idea. People could tell me that there was, but I had to experience it on my own. I found out that there is a substitute for drinking that is much more than just that – turns out that the highs I have experienced since getting sober are far superior to anything I ever experienced while intoxicated – or even while I was living a life that included drinking.

The more I drank, the less it worked – its “positive” impact decreased, and the downward spiral appeared permanent. On the other hand, and happily for me, the principles I’ve learned in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous go in the opposite direction: the more I practice them, the better they work – and its upwards direction appears permanent.