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Going from Active Drug Addiction Into a Life of Fun Recovery

A story of how he went from full-blown active drug addiction to a loving & valued life of sobriety through the recovery process…

A year ago if you had told me that I would not only be sober but be working in recovery I would have burst out laughing. I was drinking a fifth of whiskey a day and basically dying, I thought that drinking and using was the only life I could have. Then one evening some long time friends asked me if I wanted help. I knew I desperately needed it but didn’t know what to do. Luckily my friends said they would help me find a sober living or rehab center because getting sober being left to my own devices wasn’t likely. We researched many facilities in southern California and found The Lake House right in my own backyard of Ventura County. I checked myself in and started my journey towards a new way of life.

After my detox I arrived to a friendly staff and a house full of recovery. I had a ton of fun the first week, shooting pool and hanging out with other clients. After a conversation with some of the staff it was pointed out to me that shooting pool was fun but it didn’t make for a strong foundation of sobriety. I had a realization that if I didn’t take action I would be drunk in short order when I took my leave of the house. The upside was I had every opportunity to get into action. We went to an A.A. meeting almost every day and it allowed me to find an outside sponsor to take me through the steps. I was still convinced that A.A. wouldn’t work for someone unique as me but as I had nothing to lose I jumped in with both feet. As I started going through the steps and going to meetings I started to realize that I wasn’t that unique after all. I met a tone of people who were just like me who were staying sober and living full and happy lives without the need for alcohol. Needless to say I wanted to get in on some of that action.

I started to work as much as I could with my sponsor and was given every opportunity to do so by the staff at The Lake House. After my twenty eight day stay I knew that if I kept doing the work and stayed in contact with the staff and the friends I had made I had a real shot at a better life. As the days of sobriety turned into weeks I felt a change come over me. I didn’t think about drinking all the time and I was getting a lot of joy in my daily life from the simplest of things. At around ninety days I had a full day go by when alcohol never entered my mind. From that point on I never looked back. I knew that the feelings of joy and wellbeing were just the tip of the iceberg as long as I kept working the program that had been put in front of me. I was a regular face around The Lake House and started to try and help out where ever I could. I found that being of service and helping my fellow man was a far greater reward that anything I ever found in the bottom of a bottle. As the months turned into a year of sobriety I couldn’t believe the changes that occurred in me. As I took my year cake I though back to the conversation I had about building a foundation for my sobriety and was so thankful I had taken the advice. I don’t think I would be writing this today if it hadn’t been for The Lake House and its staff. It’s amazing how our life can change if we just put in the effort and accept help when it is offered.


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