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Is There a Cure for Drug Addiction and Alcoholism?

Since drug addiction and alcoholism first reared their ugly heads, many have searched high and low for possible cures to these horrible, family-shattering, job-ending, freedom-stealing maladies.  Today, people can search online or even see tv commercials of treatment centers and recovery services advertising their version of “The Cure” to drug addiction and/or alcoholism.

The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of experienced, licensed treatment professionals agree that no cure exists for addiction and/or alcoholism, nor is it likely a cure will emerge anytime in the near future.  When trying ascertain why exactly that is, we must first  understand a couple of key points.  When discussing the prospect of actually curing such maladies there are two elements to consider.  The first is, eliminating the mental obsession taking place in the sufferers mind prior to initially taking that first or drug.  The second is, eliminating the unbearable phenomenon of physical craving once having taken that first drink or drug.  They are two totally separate components that just happen to exist within the mind & body of an addict/alcoholic and which account for why they are the way they are.
The prospect of curing the former element has actually made great strides in modern science.  There now exists a variety of FDA approved drugs that do in fact serve to lessen the mental obsession occurring prior to the first drink or drug.  The real issue, however, has to do with curing the insanely powerful physical craving that is sparked upon taking that first drink or drug.
Here’s the acid test: If ever you should happen to meet someone who was once a bona fide addict or alcoholic and who now claims to be cured, ask them if they are now able to enjoy that specific drink or drug – the one which landed them in the grips of addiction or alcoholism in the first place – in a manner which coincides with a level of moderation that essentially enables them to take it or leave it.  If they can honestly answer “yes” then it would appear is if they have in fact been cured!  If you do happen to meet such a person however, we’d love to hear about because it something truly rare!
So does a cure exist?  An Absolute cure?  No!  Is medical science moving in the direction of a cure and have great strides been made?  Without question, yes!
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