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The Importance of Willingness in Recovery – by Annie

Annie, an employee at The Lake House Sober Living, Recovery Advocate’s Aftercare and Luxury Sober Living Home in Thousand Oaks, California writes the following entry:

After working in recovery for many years, and working my own program of recovery, I have found one thing that is indispensable.  That thing is willingness.  Pain, misfortune, consequences of unhealthy choices can often make a person very willing to change.  Willingness is often found when we have come to the end of a disastrous road.  One may lose everything materially. They may lose their family, or they may simply lose their self respect.  However, there is always hope. Gaining that hope comes from willingness.  Willingness to change one’s life, willingness to change one’s perspective, and willingness to do some work that is required to live a happy and productive sober life.  A little bit of willingness will go a very long way.  A small amount can grow, giving you an open mind and a certain degree of honesty that will forever change your life.  This will allow you the freedom to live a sober, happy, useful life.  You will find that you begin to apply willingness to many other areas of your life, and not just to your addiction.  Life begins to have purpose and meaning.

Annie 🙂
The Lakehouse

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