Drug Rehab Centers in Calabasas, CA

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Among the many higher end regions throughout Los Angeles and Southern California as a whole, Calabasas, CA stands out as one of the many nicer regions to live.  Likewise it also offers a variety of addiction and alcoholism treatment options.  Calabasas is located within the San Fernando Valley and is nestled in between the cities of Agoura Hills and Woodland Hills, CA.

Addiction and alcoholism treatment centers in this region tend to offer higher end recovery services.  Such services can often include; holistic treatment options, advanced treatment services like EMDR, brainwave optimization & neurofeedback, private accommodations, executive services and more.

Located along the Ventura Freeway, otherwise known as the 101, the City of Calabasas definitely caters to the more affluent portion of society and is considered to be a very family-friendly region.  As a matter of fact, the few drug rehabs and treatment centers in this region, at first glance, will appear as nothing more than high end single family homes from the outside.  These are anything but institutional style treatment environments.  And while they may appear to be less clinical at first glance, the fact of the matter is that they are among the finest treatment centers around and many even accept health insurance plans, including HMO and PPO plans.

For those seeking treatment in Calabasas for drug addiction and/or alcoholism, Recovery Advocates offers a highly successful program for men and women, and at affordable rates in comparison to others in the region.  To reach the Recovery Advocates staff 24/7 please call (877) 762-3707 or feel free to submit a confidential email through our online form by clicking HERE. Our staff will gladly take the time to answer each of your questions and carefully go over all of the treatment services we have available for you…

"After thirty-six years in recovery and twenty years in addiction treatment, I am now solely focused on providing personal, 1-on-1 recovery management services to those in need. When I most needed it someone reached out and took my hand and help save my life. Ever since I have dedicated myself to returning that kindness. When I was in dire straits many years ago with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, all I wanted to do was STOP! With the support of skilled clinicians and generous men and women in the recovery community I was not only able to stop, but discovered that I was becoming a better man, a better husband, better father, better colleague, better neighbor, and a better human being. I also found that the key to my happiness is found in service to others. I have dedicated my life to this task and have been gifted with the opportunity to direct others to the discovery of that better life."

- Stuart Birnbaum, Founder